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Reading Challenge 2017

Are you looking for something different to read?

Feel like you’re in a “reading rut”?
Willing to try a new author? Or two?
Have we got an idea for you!  We are trying something a little different this year – a READING CHALLENGE!
Gardiner Public Library
A graphic novel
An author whose name contains a set of double letters
The first book you see in the library
A book written by a Maine author
A book that is becoming a movie this year
Reread a favorite book from your childhood
Two books on the same topic – one fiction and one non-fiction
A book with a protagonist who has your occupation
Book with an award sticker or claim on the cover – Newbery, New York Times Bestseller, MSBA (Maine Student Book Award)
A book written by an author you have NEVER read before
A book recommended by a family member
A book you SHOULD have read in high school
A book published in the year you were born
A book with a one word title
A New York Times bestseller
A book written by a celebrity
A book with an ugly cover
Listen to a mystery
A book of poetry
A book you can finish in a day
A book based on a fairy tale
A YA (Young Adult) bestseller
A book with a number in the title
A book with over 400 pages
A book you started but never finished
An historical novel set before 1900
A book set in the future
A book set on another world
A book with more than two authors
A biography or memoir


Sometime between now and December 31, 2017, read a book that would fit each of these categories – no, silly, not one book that fits ALL of the categories!  You’ll have to do a little research, talk to folks about what they are reading, get some ideas from others, if you’re feeling REALLY lucky you could take a chance and ask a librarian for help.
Once you finish the challenge, bring it back to us, and we’ll enter your name in a drawing!
If you would like a copy of the Reading Challenge, come on in, we have plenty available.
Ann Russell, Technology Librarian