Peaks Island

My last blog of the summer encourages you to drive to Portland and take the Casco Bay Lines ferry to Peaks Island.  There are several other ferry trips via Casco Bay Lines to other islands off the mainland of Portland, so do investigate those also sometime.  The ferry trip to Peaks is $7.70 round trip.  You can’t beat that for a day’s fun!

The ferry ride to Peaks Island takes only about 20 minutes, so it is the perfect choice for a short day trip.  Once you land, you can visit the shops for a short while and perhaps have lunch or a beverage at one of the restaurants nearby before taking the ferry back to the mainland.  The ferry seems to leave every hour.  You might also extend your visit by doing some walking around the small island; it is only about 4 miles around the Peaks Island Loop.


Rather than repeat the information available from Casco Bay Lines’ web site, I encourage you to check out their website at the following link – Casco Bay Lines – Peaks Island.

Great Summer Reads

As you are packing for your vacation, or heading out to camp, don’t forget to take a stack of books with you! Summer is a great time to relax with a good book. Following are some great summer reads you may want to take with you!

If you’re a hopeless romantic, then this is the perfect read for you. A young couple from New York finds themselves at odds when a move to South Carolina causes strife in their relationship.
Lily’s story unfolds in 1930’s Seaview, Rhode Island, a wealthy summer community preparing for an impending hurricane. Her story becomes one of love, betrayal, fun in the summer sun, and plenty of scandal.
In The Island House, a college English professor returns to her summer island house in hopes of reconciling with a past love.


Author Elin Hilderbrand pens a thoughtful story about friends, family, and community coming together in the aftermath of a tragedy.
The author writes about one family’s two-week trip to the island of Mallorca, a story about the complicated up-and-down dynamics among family and friends.


Everythingseems normal with this group of island locals until someone’s husband goes missing and the town’s deeper secrets begin to unravel.
Sarah Duffy, Library Assistant

Summertime At The Library

We have had some wonderful summer events already and have more to come.

Summer Reading Program has started, and if you have not picked up your chart, please come in and pick it up. We have a chart for Readers and a chart for a Listeners. After August 3rd you will be able to pick up your free paperback book after filling up your chart. Teens have a different program where they get a ticket when they check out items.  Check with the YA librarian about this program.
Monday, June 27th, we had a Chewonki program here in the library which was “Owls in Maine”. We had a full house, and the children really seemed to enjoy the owls. 
Every Tuesday morning we have Story and Craft Time at 10:00-11:30 am. This has been a huge success this summer so far. Here is one of the crafts that has been created.
We are showing the Harry Potter movies in succession on Tuesday evenings from 5-7:30 pm and on Wednesdays 10 am – 12:30 pm. All 8 movies, in order: 1 movie per week. Popcorn is included.
Thursday, Aug. 4th from 10:00-11:15 am we have L.C. Bates coming to present “Life in Maine in the early 1900’s”. Weather permitting we will have part of this program outdoors in the garden.
Tuesday, August 16th at 11:30 am will be an Ice Cream social to end the Summer Reading Program.
Please come in, read and have fun!

Maine Reading

M            Maine : an explorer’s guide

A             Archeological excavations at Pemaquid, Maine

I               It

N             Nectar

E              Ebbing tide

T              Train to Maine

I               Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe

T              Trespasser

L              Lighthouse keeper’s daughter

E              Enjoying Maine birds

S              Stern Men

F              Fairyhouses of the Maine coast

O             One morning in Maine

R             Route 1 Maine

T              Time of wonder

H             Heroes are my weakness

E              East Hope

S              Somewhere off the coast of Maine

U             Under the dome

M            Maine 24/7

M            Mirror of Maine

E              Exit the milkman

R             Real Maine food

How to Keep Children Reading During the Summer

Summer is a great time to get your children excited about reading and sharpen their reading skills at the same time!


Relax a little bit — try not to worry about a daily time requirement or minimum number of pages; instead, let them choose what, when, and where they read.
There are lots of ways to keep kids reading this summer.
Read aloud
Take turns reading aloud with your child. You can each read a page, or for older readers, you can take turns reading chapters. Kids never get too old to be read aloud to, and listening to you model good reading helps them develop strong skills. Take time to ask questions as you go along, to check for understanding.
Have a good variety of reading material.
Chapter books are wonderful, but don’t forget non-fiction!
Magazines and newspapers are great too.  You never know what might spark their interest!
Be a good reading model
If kids see the adults around them reading often, they will see that reading is enjoyable.  Talking to your kids about what you’re reading shows them that reading is an important and meaningful experience.
Going somewhere?
Summertime is a great time to explore museums, parks, and the beach.  If you are planning a trip somewhere, encourage them to read a book about where you are going.
If you’re taking an extended trip, be sure to bring your child’s favorite series.
Find time to read.
Summer can be a very busy time, filled with vacations as well as all kinds of activities. Make sure to set aside time for them to read.
Learn something new!
Books can teach kids how to make or do something, such as make crafts or build a fairy house.
“How-to books” are a great way to get kids reading, learning, and keep them busy!
Make sure to visit the library!


 Our summer reading program is in full swing– be sure to stop by the children’s room and ask about it!  Our theme this year is “Everyday Heroes”, and we have lots of activities to go along with it. Also, if your child doesn’t have a library card, summer is a great time to sign up for one!

Summer ! Being outside ! Cook-outs !

 And all hail to Marjorie Standish and her down-home Maine recipes.  Marjorie was a local resident who was the longtime food columnist for the Maine Sunday Telegram.  Her two books of collected recipes – Cooking Down East and Keep Cooking – The Maine Way – are both available to borrow from the Gardiner Public Library.

Check out her delicious and classic recipes for:
                Melt-in-your-mouth blueberry cake
                Baked beans
                Barbecued chicken
                Dilled string beans
                Dump bars
                Baked stuffed lobster
Now those would make a great cookout meal !

Summer Reads

Summer reading allows us to escape the dreariness of winter while allowing us to enjoy the sun and imagine ourselves in another setting.  Some new items at the Gardiner Public Library that folks may enjoy this summer are:
Still life with bread crumbs by Anna Quindlen.  Broken by city life, an aging woman moves to a small cabin the middle of nowhere where she finds peace, inspiration, and the unexpected love of a husky roofer 30 years her junior.
Cell by Robin Cook.  This medical thriller is about the smartphone’s new role in medicine – and will both please and scare fans of the genre.  A medical app called iDoc seems to be killing patients.  Has it been hacked?
The flight of the Silvers by Daniel Price.  A thrilling genre-bending saga about six extraordinary people whose fates become entwined on an Earth far different from their own.
You can date boys when you are forty by Dave Barry.  The funny man discusses parenting and other tops about which he knows very little.
Maine Coast & Islands by Christina Tree.  Here is an explorer’s guide to help you find some new places in Maine just waiting to be discovered by you.
Five-plant gardens by Nancy Ondra.  Here are 52 ways to grow a perennial garden with just five plants.
Our web site at<>  will direct everyone to our hours and services, including using your library card to download audiobooks or ebooks  from home.

Maine Movie Marathon!


Ah, summer in Maine!  For those who can’t experience it in person, there is the charm of a movie set in Maine during the summer.  Two you may not have seen are The Hardly Boys in Hardly Gold (2008), a comedy action adventure starring artist William Wegman’s Weimaraner dogs and set in the Rangeley area and the Disney film Summer Magic (1963) starring Haley Mills and Dorothy Maguire.
Remember A Summer Place (1959) with Troy Donahue, Sandra Dee, and Dorothy McGuire set at a Maine resort? The remake of The Parent Trap (1998) with Lindsay Lohan set at a Maine children’s camp? Andre(1994) about that famous seal from Rockport?


Here are a few movies you have probably seen…..but do you know wherethey were filmed in Maine?
Message in a bottle (1999) Kevin Costner, Paul Newman, and Robin Wright Penn starred in this 1999 hit movie filmed in Phippsburg (at Popham Beach), Bath, New Harbor, and Portland.


Peyton Place (1957) This 1957 film starring Lana Turner and Hope Lange was filmed in Camden and Belfast, and is still a classic.


Carousel (1956) This 1956 classic starring Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones was filmed in Boothbay Harbor and Newcastle.


The Whales of August (1987) with Bette Davis and Lillian Gish, was filmed on Cliff Island near Portland.
 Scott Handville, Assistant Director