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13 Reasons Why Books Make Wonderful Christmas Gifts

1. Easy to wrap

2. Can often be enjoyed by several members of the household or circle of friends
3. Are fairly indestructible & don’t get eaten (like a box of holiday candy)
4. Have no expiration date (like some gift cards)
5. Can be enjoyed more than once, especially if it’s a great story
6. Look good on a bookshelf or coffee table
7. Can be used as a discussion topic at a party –“Have you read?”
8. Can provide new information, ideas, or hours of entertainment
9. Are quite portable on planes, trains & boats
10. No right or wrong size
11. Their purchase does not break the bank or overload your CC
12. You’ll (probably) remember who gave you that book for years to come
13. Are acceptable for “re-gifting” if you treat it carefully (remove dust jacket before you read it)
Charlene Wagner, Children’s Librarian