Gardiner Public Library is now open to the public Monday - Friday from 10 - 5. Our Pick-Up Window is open Mon. 10 - 5:25 ; Tues. 10 - 5:25 ; Wed. 10 - 6 ; Thurs. 10 - 5:25 and Fri. 10 - 5:25. Please call for details - 207-582-3312

A salute to our wonderful library volunteers!

Although we try to recognize & reward our faithful unpaid helpers throughout the year, the general population is probably unaware of the many hours donated by these outstanding men & women.  Many have a specific task that they complete or progress with each visit.  Their chores include inventory checking, story time programming, shelving, magazine maintenance, book sale support plus a myriad of other tasks.  Their loyalty and assistance to the library is prodigious.  Several have contributed decades of time and energy to the Gardiner Public Library.
Many thanks and heartfelt appreciation to these outstanding patrons.