At this time, access to the building is on Monday through Friday from 10am - 5pm. Our Pick-Up Window is open Monday through Friday from 10 - 5:25. Please call for details - 207-582-3312

About Gardiner Public Library

Library Staff

Main Desk: 207-582-3312

Anne Estrada Davis, Library Director 207-582-6893
Scott Handville, Assistant Director 207-582-3312
Ginni Nichols, Children’s Librarian 207-582-6894
Young Adult Librarian 207-582-3312
Ann Russell, Technology Librarian 207-582-3312
Dawn Thistle, Special Collections/Youth Services Librarian 207-582-6890
Robert Fagan, Library Assistant 207-582-3312
Audrey Littlefield, Library Assistant 207-582-3312
Marlene Patten, Library Assistant 207-582-3312
Jessica Betit, Library Assistant 207-582-3312
Community Archives Room 207-582-6890

Mission Statement

Gardiner Public Library, Gardiner, Maine.Gardiner Public Library, Gardiner, Maine.  It is the objective of the library to assemble, preserve, and circulate books and related materials necessary to provide information, self-education, and recreation for the enlightenment, entertainment, intellectual, and cultural development of the community. The library recognizes its responsibility to identify community needs, to promote the use of library services for adult and children, and to serve the community as a center for reliable information in various formats.