Due to the Co-Vid surge, the Mayor and City Manager have closed the building to the public. Our Pick-Up Window is open Monday through Friday from 10 - 5:25. Please call for details - 207-582-3312

Summer Reads

Summer reading allows us to escape the dreariness of winter while allowing us to enjoy the sun and imagine ourselves in another setting.  Some new items at the Gardiner Public Library that folks may enjoy this summer are:
Still life with bread crumbs by Anna Quindlen.  Broken by city life, an aging woman moves to a small cabin the middle of nowhere where she finds peace, inspiration, and the unexpected love of a husky roofer 30 years her junior.
Cell by Robin Cook.  This medical thriller is about the smartphone’s new role in medicine – and will both please and scare fans of the genre.  A medical app called iDoc seems to be killing patients.  Has it been hacked?
The flight of the Silvers by Daniel Price.  A thrilling genre-bending saga about six extraordinary people whose fates become entwined on an Earth far different from their own.
You can date boys when you are forty by Dave Barry.  The funny man discusses parenting and other tops about which he knows very little.
Maine Coast & Islands by Christina Tree.  Here is an explorer’s guide to help you find some new places in Maine just waiting to be discovered by you.
Five-plant gardens by Nancy Ondra.  Here are 52 ways to grow a perennial garden with just five plants.
Our web site at www.gpl.lib.me.us<https://www.gpl.lib.me.us>  will direct everyone to our hours and services, including using your library card to download audiobooks or ebooks  from home.

What’s going on in the library?

We have a couple of programs coming up!


Monday, May 12th Maine Attorney General Janet Mills will be here at the invitations of Representative Gay Grant.  Ms. Mills will speak at a Consumer Protection Forum.  Visit us and learn more about protecting yourself, your identity and your assets.


Tuesday, May 20th, we will have An Evening With Herman Melville.  David Peloquin, folk musician and independent scholar specializing in maritime songs and chanties of the American sailor, will explore the mystical side of Herman Melville.  Join us for this entertaining evening of music and discussion.
Did you know we loan sets of books for book discussion?  We have sets of books, read by our books discussion groups that are available for you to enjoy with YOUR book group!  Most of these sets contain between 5 and 7 books.  Follow the link or come on  in, and see what might be of interest to you!

Being Part Of The Downtown “Businesses”

I often laugh when people tell me that I have the best job in the world…I get to read books all day!  One thing that I do agree on is that I DO have one of the best jobs in the world because I run one of the busiest enterprises in Gardiner, the public library.  By being part of the downtown “businesses”, the library does a great job of bringing people to town.
Just a few numbers so that you can see why the library is one of the anchor businesses for our downtown:
·        Total number of folks who visited last year: 60,799
·        Total number of people who attended a children’s program last year: 1,166
·        Total number attending young adult programming: 89
·        Total number of folks attending adult programs: 510
·        7,659 people circulated 104,053 items last year
·        More than 38,900 titles were accessed through Gardiner library’s Interlibrary Loan Program.
The Gardiner Public Library is a true regionalized system that serves the municipalities of Gardiner, Litchfield, Pittston, Randolph and West Gardiner.
I admit, when I do get home, I do read a book, but I notice that more often than not, I fall asleep after the first few pages!
 Anne Davis, Library Director

Passenger Pigeons in the Library!


On a windy Thursday afternoon, April 24th, the library held an origami workshop on Passenger Pigeons. Isabelle Files led the program where attendees came and folded 62 Passenger Pigeons for the www.foldtheflock.orgproject. We will enter our number of pigeons with the website. Attendees were ages 4 and up and all seemed to have a great time.
We had a short history given to us about the year 2014 marking the centennial anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon and questions were asked about other extinct animals in our world.


The very lively group did more folding of other origami animals after finishing with a couple of pigeons. There were origami turtles, squirrels, chickens, snakes, dolphins and other animals made during the two hour time period. Food was served to keep everyone happily at work. It was fun and felt very good to have such a successful project. A big thank you goes out to Isabelle Files for running a fabulous program. 
If you are interested in doing origami, we at the library have plenty of books for you to take out and enjoy this craft.

Reading Round-Up 2014

This past Thursday, several staff members of the Gardiner Public Library attended the 25thReading Round-Up Conference in Augusta.  This wonderful event highlights books that have been published in the past year as well as bringing together librarians from all over the state to share new ideas, and exchange information from their respective libraries.
One of the highlights is the announcement of the winners of the Lupine Award.  This award “honors a living author or illustrator who is a resident of Maine, or who has created a work whose focus is Maine, as shown through the work’s characterization, plot, or setting.”
This year’s winners include Kimberly Ridley and Rebekah Raye for The Secret Pool and Maria Padian for Out of Nowhere.
Honor books by Michelle Markel and Melissa Sweet for Brave Girl: Clara and the ShirtwaistMakers’ Strike of 1909 and Megan Frazer Blakemore for The Water Castlewere also announced.
The Gardiner Public Library has copies of these titles & welcomes you to come in and enjoy these and many other “winning” titles.
Charlene Wagner, Children’s Librarian

Is it that time of year again?



As the director of the Gardiner Public Library, one of my duties includes advocating for library services.  Most times it really isn’t a duty at all; it is a joy to talk to people about what a library means to them.  Really, how can you say anything bad about a public library?  Where else can you walk into a place, grab something off the shelves, check it out and do all of this for free? 
Obviously nothing is really “free” and library items are no exception.  It costs money to run a library; do you have any idea how much oil we burn in one winter season?  Books and e-books all cost money, staff insists on getting paid and electric bills keep soaring.  Who pays for all that stuff? 
The Gardiner Public Library is a city department that receives an operational budget each year.  This budget allows the Gardiner Public Library to join MINERVA, be on the state delivery service so all those inter-library loan titles get here in a timely basis and pays for all those downloaded titles people keep demanding.
To augment that budget, 4 towns agree each year to be a partner town for these library services by approving a fee from the City of Gardiner.  That is where my advocacy comes in!  Each year, I attend 4 town meetings; 2 in early spring and 2 in the summertime.  In between discussions of recycling, cemeteries, transfer stations and public works, sits a warrant item asking the townspeople to approve a certain amount of funding to continue using the Gardiner Public Library.  Sounds innocent enough, but each year at town meetings, folks like to pull it out, throw it around and punt it back to me so that I may answer all their concerns.
I am so proud of our partner towns!  After a few pointed questions and voting to allow me to speak (out-of-towners, or people “from away” cannot speak at a town meeting without the town voting to allow a voice to be heard) both the towns of Pittston and West Gardiner overwhelmingly voted to remain a partner town to the library for another year.  It is my pleasure to attend these town meetings and “sing for our supper” and if I groan about it being “that time a year again”, it is just because I can never anticipate the crowds and that is a wonderful thing about Maine’s town meeting season!  The free hotdogs over in West Gardiner are a nice touch too.
Anne E. Davis, Library Director

The calendar SAYS Spring

“The spring came suddenly,
bursting upon the world as a child bursts into a room,
with a laugh and a shout and hands full of flowers.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)
“It’s spring fever. That is what the name
of it is. And when you’ve got it,
you want – oh, you don’t quite know
what it is you do want, but it
just fairly makes your heart ache,
you want it so!”
Mark Twain (1835-1910)


1000 Books Before Kindergarten

While visiting a public library in Fort Myers, Florida last week I learned of a reading challenge for new parents called “1000 Books Before Kindergarten”.
It’s a great way to encourage reading and create a foundation of knowledge before children begin school.  By reading just 3 stories a day you and your child will meet a goal of 1000 books in one year.
If you are interested in this idea, stop by the library and pick up a reading sheet to get started.
  Charlene Wagner, Children’s Librarian

Oscar Winners of the past . . .

The recent Oscar show got me thinking of past awards, and my mind jumped to wondering what/who won the awards the year I was born.  My homework reveals the winners that year were:
Best Director:  John Ford, The Quiet Man
Best Actor:  Gary Cooper, High Noon
Best Actress:  Shirley Booth, Come Back, Little Sheba
Best Supporting Actor:  Anthony Quinn, Viva Zapata!
Best Supporting Actress:  Gloria Grahame, The Bad and The Beautiful
Keep in mind that Gardiner Public Library has a great movie collection both on DVD and VHS formats and that if we do not have a title in our collection that the chances we can borrow any item via interlibrary loan are excellent.  We already have many of the winning films from last year.  Come on in and borrow an award-winning film today!
 Scott Handville, Assistant Library Director