At this time, access to the building is on Monday through Friday from 10am - 5pm. Our Pick-Up Window is open Monday through Friday from 10 - 5:25. Please call for details - 207-582-3312

Interesting Library Information

Each year public libraries throughout the state are required to submit a yearly report to the Maine State Library.  Most folks do not relish the idea of reports, but the information contained is something we should all brag about!

The library continues to be the anchor business for Gardiner’s downtown.  Last year more than 62,000 people visited the library.  Some came for the traditional reasons of finding a good book or movie to bring home.  Others came to use one of the 19 public computers available at the library.  We are finding that more and more businesses and governmental agencies insist on applications and forms be submitted electronically and the library offers free Internet access to anyone who needs it.  Almost 2,000 people attended a program at the library; programs that are always opened to the public and that are always free.  We have our regular customers who just come in for a bit of respite from their busy days.  We have quite a few people who come to read (and hold!) an actual newspaper.  Did you know that the library subscribes to 5 local and regional newspapers?  Many people tuck into the library during their lunchtime just to read a few articles in a magazine; a magazine that they no longer subscribe to because of the cost.  Libraries make literature and pop culture available to everyone who walks through the doors.  Oh, and staff still circulates stuff…
In 2014, the library circulated 113,409 physical items.  When is the last time that you visited the Gardiner Public Library?
The library is located at 152 Water Street, Gardiner and staff may be reached at 207-582-3312 if you have any questions about library services.
 Anne Davis, Library Director

Thanks, Library!

T is for Tuesdays~ we’re open late!

H is for Hazzard Reading Room, a peaceful state.
A is for Archives~ you can research tons.
N is for New bestsellers~ all the latest ones.
K is for Kindle and e-book downloads galore!
S is for Story hour, crafty crafts, and more.
G is for Genealogy~ who’s in your tree?
I is for Internet access~ yippee!
V is for Visits from authors, book signings, and shared wit.
I is for Information~ yes, we are quite full of it!
N is for Newspapers (we have magazines too).
G is for Group book discussions~ who knew?

Before we open . . .

Tasks completed before the Library opens:

1. Empty book drops, both front & back
2. Turn on all computers
3. Check in books, movies, magazines, etc., for adult & children’s rooms
4. Replace newspapers from day before with current issues
5. Straighten all rooms
6. Print interlibrary loan (ILL) requests & pull books to be sent to other libraries (usually 30 to 40 items)
7. Retrieve messages left on answering machines & solve requests/and or problems
8. Sort mail
9. Update displays, water plants, feed & clean “Lizzie” (gecko)
10. Pack ILL requests in travel pouches
11. Print overdue notices & check shelves in case any items were inadvertently overlooked during original check in
12. Answer email requests
13. Record previous days foot traffic count
14. Attend 2 monthly meetings (one all city employees, one library staff)
15. Open doors & cheerfully greet our waiting patrons!
Charlene Wagner, Children’s Librarian

Being Part Of The Downtown “Businesses”

I often laugh when people tell me that I have the best job in the world…I get to read books all day!  One thing that I do agree on is that I DO have one of the best jobs in the world because I run one of the busiest enterprises in Gardiner, the public library.  By being part of the downtown “businesses”, the library does a great job of bringing people to town.
Just a few numbers so that you can see why the library is one of the anchor businesses for our downtown:
·        Total number of folks who visited last year: 60,799
·        Total number of people who attended a children’s program last year: 1,166
·        Total number attending young adult programming: 89
·        Total number of folks attending adult programs: 510
·        7,659 people circulated 104,053 items last year
·        More than 38,900 titles were accessed through Gardiner library’s Interlibrary Loan Program.
The Gardiner Public Library is a true regionalized system that serves the municipalities of Gardiner, Litchfield, Pittston, Randolph and West Gardiner.
I admit, when I do get home, I do read a book, but I notice that more often than not, I fall asleep after the first few pages!
 Anne Davis, Library Director

Is it that time of year again?



As the director of the Gardiner Public Library, one of my duties includes advocating for library services.  Most times it really isn’t a duty at all; it is a joy to talk to people about what a library means to them.  Really, how can you say anything bad about a public library?  Where else can you walk into a place, grab something off the shelves, check it out and do all of this for free? 
Obviously nothing is really “free” and library items are no exception.  It costs money to run a library; do you have any idea how much oil we burn in one winter season?  Books and e-books all cost money, staff insists on getting paid and electric bills keep soaring.  Who pays for all that stuff? 
The Gardiner Public Library is a city department that receives an operational budget each year.  This budget allows the Gardiner Public Library to join MINERVA, be on the state delivery service so all those inter-library loan titles get here in a timely basis and pays for all those downloaded titles people keep demanding.
To augment that budget, 4 towns agree each year to be a partner town for these library services by approving a fee from the City of Gardiner.  That is where my advocacy comes in!  Each year, I attend 4 town meetings; 2 in early spring and 2 in the summertime.  In between discussions of recycling, cemeteries, transfer stations and public works, sits a warrant item asking the townspeople to approve a certain amount of funding to continue using the Gardiner Public Library.  Sounds innocent enough, but each year at town meetings, folks like to pull it out, throw it around and punt it back to me so that I may answer all their concerns.
I am so proud of our partner towns!  After a few pointed questions and voting to allow me to speak (out-of-towners, or people “from away” cannot speak at a town meeting without the town voting to allow a voice to be heard) both the towns of Pittston and West Gardiner overwhelmingly voted to remain a partner town to the library for another year.  It is my pleasure to attend these town meetings and “sing for our supper” and if I groan about it being “that time a year again”, it is just because I can never anticipate the crowds and that is a wonderful thing about Maine’s town meeting season!  The free hotdogs over in West Gardiner are a nice touch too.
Anne E. Davis, Library Director

Left Behind In The Library

 Left Behind by Tim LaHaye is the title of a popular book series but in the library world “left behind” has special meaning.


Like many well frequented public buildings, the library has its own left behind stories.
Over the last 30 odd years our patrons have left behind the following:
Glasses – both sun & vision
Mittens/gloves, hats, scarves, sweaters, & jackets
Cell phones
Travel coffee cups along with snacks
Photos & gift certificates (being used as book marks)
Change purses with money inside
1 sock (size small)
Stuffed animals & other toys
Grocery lists
Homework assignments
Books – not ours
And even one small child (his sibling babysitter decided to leave the building with a friend)
Whenever possible we try to get the lost articles back to the proper owner.  If this is not possible, after a few months the usable items are donated to a local charity.
As to the small child, he was safely reunited with his mother & his babysitter grounded (no doubt for the duration of her natural life).
Charlene Wagner, Children’s Librarian