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eBooks & eAudios

For those of you who have used and either LOVE or at least tolerated the OverDrive eBook and eAudio service that we here in Gardiner, as well as libraries across the state, have been using for the past several years . . . .

Maine InfoNet, the entity we, as libraries in Maine, work with, has changed our eBook & eAudio provider.
As of Wednesday, March 1st, we are now using the CloudLibrary by Bibliotecha.  The address for the new service is
Visit the site, and with your valid library card you have access to many, Many, MANY books using your eReader right from your own home!
You will need to download an App.  The CloudLibrary website takes you right to the App Store for easy downloading, and then you are ready to begin!
Assuming this works, there was a great piece on WABI the other day.  Click on the link to find the story.
Take a few minutes and check out this service!

What’s Checked Out On Your Library Card?

     It’s been a while since I really looked to see what is currently on my library card.

      Hmmm . . . ten items currently checked out, and two of them are overdue – YIKES!!!   I’d better fix that.  Yes, I can do that here in the library, but did you know you could renew items from home?


      Take a few minutes, and check the status of your items.  Go to the website.  Click on the icon that says Patron Record, from there you will be directed to enter your name (first, last or both) and your library card number.  Yes, all 14 digits – they will show up as stars.

      Now you will be on a screen that shows your account information – name, address, expiration date.  There is also a link to what I have checked out.  Clicking on this link shows me what is checked out.  If an item has been renewed, there is an indication as well.  I see that one of the overdue items has been renewed, so I had better put my hands on it and return it to the library – SOON!  By clicking in the small box (Radio Button) in front of the title of the other overdue book, and scrolling down the screen, I am given a choice of renewing everything, or just what has been marked.  Great!  I have renewed that book.


      As to what I’m reading – the list is quite eclectic – a mystery on CD, a romance, a book on animal communication, a book on hypnosis, a craft book, the first book in a “new to me” series about spirit animals (recommended by a young patron of the library), and of course the requisite diet/self-help books.


      By clicking on Return To Your Record I am able to see what I currently have in my request queue.  A book my sister recommended, 2 titles that have not been published yet, a title from one of the many series I seem to read, and a couple of titles that I have no recollection of requesting – here’s to a new adventure in reading!!!


      Take a few minutes, and see what’s on your library card!

Book Reviews!


This week I would like to tell you a little about the review magazines that we librarians read here at the library.  These magazines help us pick out what are the new releases that are coming out and the best books to buy for the library.  Some of these magazines are published monthly and others are published twice a month.  The names of some of them are Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist and Publishers Weekly.  For the young audience there is VOYA and School Library Journal.  A few of the magazines are available for patrons to check out in the magazine section.  The reviews of books are also available online at the publishers’ websites.  To find out how some of the books that you are reading are reviewed in the magazines, you can go to MARVEL and on to NoveList Plus as Ann Russell talked about in the blog on November 10, 2012.  Ann was using NoveList Plus at the time for series, but the reviews from the magazine are right there below the title and description of the book. 
I looked up on NoveList Plus In the Shadow of Blackbirdsby Cat Winters.  After finding the right book, I clicked on the title and got more information about this book.  Scrolling down the information on this book, you check what libraries have this book by clicking on Search Minerva by title and just below that is a tab that says REVIEWS.  For this book it has 3 different reviews, 2 of the magazines gave the book a STARRED REVIEW, which is the best review a book can get from one of these magazines. 
So look up the books that you are reading either on the publishers’ websites or on NoveList Plusand see what kind of reviews they are getting or check out one of the review magazines in our collection of magazines.  If you see us librarians reading off our computers or out of a magazine, we may be reading reviews to the get the latest and best books for our patrons.
Ginni Nichols, YA Librarian


What’s on your card?

I was just checking my library card information online.  As most of you know, you can check that information from the minerva.maine.eduwebsite.  Click on the icon that says Patron Record, from there you will be directed to enter your name (first, last or both) and your library card number – all 14 digits, and they will show up as stars.
        The next screen brings you to your account information.  Here you will see your name, address and when your library card expires.  You also have options – to Search Catalog (this button is on the right side of the page) ; Logout ; as well as see what is checked out to you, and what or if you might have any items currently requested.
        Clicking on the link for items currently checked out, there are eight things I am supposed to have at home.  Hmmm . . . I thought I only had six.  Looking through the list, I can see when the items are due and if I might have renewed them.  There is a click-able Radio Button before each item, which gives me the option of renewing a selected item.  I am also see a button Sort by Due Date.  Clicking this button, I easily see what need to be returned today (or perhaps last week!).
        Next I click Request (Holds).  Six items currently requested.  Looking at this page I see that one item is currently In Transit, which means that it is between the library it is coming from, and my home library – Gardiner Public Library.
Here, I am also given an option of Freezing my requests.  This choice will hold my spot in a holds queue, but will not deliver the item to Gardiner until I Un-Freeze the item.  This function is useful if I plan to be away for some length of time, and unable to pick up requested items.  There are often library materials that have MANY people waiting for them – an example would be Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  Currently there are 174 people waiting for this title!  If I am waiting to read this book, but am going on vacation for two weeks, I know I will not be available to pick up the book if it becomes available in that time period.  This is a good time to Freeze my hold.  If I am currently number ten, and no, there is no way for me to know this, by Freezingmy hold, my spot is secure.  I will continue to move closer to number one, but the item will not be sent to my library until I Un-Freeze it.  My hold/request continues in the queue, I can become first in line, stay first in line, other holds will flow around my hold, but as soon as I Un-Freeze the hold I am number one! The next available item will be sent to my library, Gardiner Public Library, and I will be notified to come in and pick it up!  This is a strange concept to understand, but for a “Snow Bird”, or a person who has been waiting what seems like YEARS, but needs to be away for a period of time, this can be a very useful tool.
        Take a few minutes, and see “What’s on your card?”


Ann Russell, Technology Librarian