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 Harry Cochrane (1860–1946)
Literature (stage curtain), Children’s Room, 2nd Floor
 Harold Hayman Cochrane, was born in Augusta, ME, son of Major James Henry and Ellen M. (Berry) Cochrane.  Raised in Monmouth, he was a naturally gifted artist, architect, musician, author, and poet.  His early career began as a “crayon artist” in a photography studio in Gardiner in the 1880s.  In the well-lit studio, on the corner of Water and Bridge Streets, he created life-sized renderings from photographs as well as in-person sittings.  In 1887, he began working on large-scale interior works, from free-hand ornamentation, to theater curtains, to huge murals.  In his lifetime, he worked throughout Maine, New England, and beyond.  Among the best known of his over 400 commissions for public buildings, are the interior of Cumston Hall in Monmouth and the Kora Temple in Lewiston.  




21 Days Until Spring!

After a Winter we’ll never forget – a few encouraging facts!

Gardiner Public Library statistics for February
4876 items checked out of the library
696 items were renewed
3885 people visited the library
16 programs were offered (book discussion groups, story hour, crafts, etc.)
133 people attended these programs
Charlene Wagner, Children’s Librarian

Winter and the Library

As the cold winter wind begins to blow and snow comes down in inches.



We stay inside more to read, watch movies, and enjoy the warmth inside our houses. 


Sitting by the fireplace with a great read with the dog at your feet.


Or a favorite chair by the window.



To escape the happenings outside our unique state.

The colorful world comes alive in our minds.

 So visit your library today to see what you can find.


Ginni Nichols, YA Librarian

Gardiner Public Library Alphabet!

A is for Alphabet

B is for Books


C is for Community


D is for Dreaming


E is for Enjoyment


F is for Friendship


G is for Gardiner


H is for Happy


I is for Ideas


J is for Juxtaposition


K is for Kennebec


L is for Laughter


M is for Meeting


N is for Neighbors


O is for Oppurtunities


P is for People


Q is for Quiet (?)


R is for Reading


S is for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


T is for Thinking


U is for Unique


V is for Vital


W is for Wonderful


X is for Xerox


Y is for Year-round


Z is for Zippity-Doo-Dah!

Icy Images at the Library

Ice berries!


Love the reflection of the lights!


Weeping in the snow . . .


A tangle of ice . . .


The path looks like a brook.


Interesting “claw” on the icicle!
 A tangle of ice AND snow.


F-f-f-rozen Hydrangea.
A peek between the branches.


What a cold looking snarl of limbs.


Lilacs in the snow . . .


The leaves are hanging on for all they are worth.