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Summer Reading 2017

Summer Reading Program is starting in June. Here is a list of events and how to get your charts. Looking forward to seeing you all during the summer at the library were there will be plenty of things happen.

Gardiner Public Library
Summer Reading Program 2017
June 19th – August 18th

Every Tuesday

Story Hour @ 10:00AM
Crafts (ages 3-7 yrs) @ 10:30AM

Special Events

Monday, June 20th, 10:30-11:30AM
Magic Show with Conjuring Carroll
Space Limited! Call ahead to reserve!

Wednesdays (6/21-8/16)

9 Book – Inspired Movies!
1 movie/week
Hazzard Room
Wed: 10 am-12:30pm
Popcorn Included!

Tuesday, August 15th

Stuffed Animal Sleepover
Drop off animals on Tuesday, August 15th
Pick up animals Wed., Thurs., or Fri. of that same week.

Pick Up Tracking Charts & Sea Dogs Game Vouchers Any Time After June 12th…
Beginning August 4th
Turn in a Completed Chart for a Free Paperback!

Have Fun & Keep Reading!

Reading Challenge 2017

Are you looking for something different to read?

Feel like you’re in a “reading rut”?
Willing to try a new author? Or two?
Have we got an idea for you!  We are trying something a little different this year – a READING CHALLENGE!
Gardiner Public Library
A graphic novel
An author whose name contains a set of double letters
The first book you see in the library
A book written by a Maine author
A book that is becoming a movie this year
Reread a favorite book from your childhood
Two books on the same topic – one fiction and one non-fiction
A book with a protagonist who has your occupation
Book with an award sticker or claim on the cover – Newbery, New York Times Bestseller, MSBA (Maine Student Book Award)
A book written by an author you have NEVER read before
A book recommended by a family member
A book you SHOULD have read in high school
A book published in the year you were born
A book with a one word title
A New York Times bestseller
A book written by a celebrity
A book with an ugly cover
Listen to a mystery
A book of poetry
A book you can finish in a day
A book based on a fairy tale
A YA (Young Adult) bestseller
A book with a number in the title
A book with over 400 pages
A book you started but never finished
An historical novel set before 1900
A book set in the future
A book set on another world
A book with more than two authors
A biography or memoir


Sometime between now and December 31, 2017, read a book that would fit each of these categories – no, silly, not one book that fits ALL of the categories!  You’ll have to do a little research, talk to folks about what they are reading, get some ideas from others, if you’re feeling REALLY lucky you could take a chance and ask a librarian for help.
Once you finish the challenge, bring it back to us, and we’ll enter your name in a drawing!
If you would like a copy of the Reading Challenge, come on in, we have plenty available.
Ann Russell, Technology Librarian

YAfter School Program

Once a week the library listens for the sound of twenty or more middle-schoolers eagerly bounding through the doors of the library and heading for pizza in the Hazzard Room.  A bus from the Gardiner Area Middle School brings them down to socialize, do homework and experience the library in new ways.

While chatting with the students, I learned that they come for a variety of reasons but being able to chat with friends they don’t see during the school day is a big reason to come.  After the pizza is devoured, they roam the library and enjoy the freedom they have to visit the youth/teen room, the archives, the children’s room and anything the library has to offer.  
In the archives they’ve discovered the old yearbooks which show their parents and sometimes their teachers when they were in high school.  Piper from Pittston, with the help of Dawn Thistle, our archivist, discovered who had lived on the land where her house now sits in Pittston.  Upstairs in the children’s room, three girls were using the puppet theater to act out a novel they were assigned to read to ‘make our homework more fun.’  Who knew that Hemingway could be performed with puppets?!  
Another student told me it was ‘boring’ to go home alone as Mom didn’t get home from work until 4:30 and older siblings who have driving licenses weren’t around either.  They help each other with homework, use their devices unhampered and roam freely from room to room as they choose.  Several students have been coming for the three years the library has had this program to “see old friends and make new ones” and would come every day if there were a bus.  The library, not a bad place to hang out!
Diane Potter, Gardiner Library Association Guest Blogger

Book discussion groups at the Gardiner Public Library

I would like to tell you about the book discussion groups we offer here at the Gardiner Public Library. If you would like to join one of these talks, just let us know at the front desk. Copies of all the books are usually available behind the desk for each group. We have three different groups:

RIP-pers (Readers Into Paranormal) Books is a group that discusses paranormal books and meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00. Their next book is Relic by Douglas Preston, and they will meet Tuesday, February 3th.
Our regularbook discussion group that meets about every 6 weeks and has been going on the longest of all the three groups. Next time this group meets is Tuesday, January 20th, at 6:00 and they will be chatting about the book A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash.
Books to Movies” is a group that discusses books that have been made into a movie. We try to do it as close to the movie as possible. Our next talk is on Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn on Tuesday, January 13th, at 6:00. 
You are welcome at any time to join one or more of these groups. 

Giraffes In The Library!

The children’s room of the Gardiner Public Library has recently received a large quantity of new LEGO building pieces through the largess of the LEGO Company & distributed by the Maine State Library Emergent/Family Literacy and Children’s Services Department.



We plan to sponsor a monthly club giving children (adults too) a theme or idea of something to create using the blocks.  Our first creations were “Giraffes”.  We have 7 delightful examples on display & hopefully more will be built during the month of November.
Come on into the library and make a giraffe to join the others.
And next month we’ll make an airplane!
Charlene Wagner, Children’s Librarian


The Gardiner Public Library summer reading program for 2014 is off to a great start!


Summer is the perfect time for kids to read books just for fun.  No tests, book reports or pressure involved.

Our first story hour/craft day involved making markers to identify plants that were acquired to go into our library garden as well as the actual planting of flowers, herbs & vegetables.


Unlike past years, the sun shone on our endeavor and the children worked hard to get everything planted.


Check out our calendar for future events.
Everyone welcome!  

Summer Reading at the Library!

Summer vacation will soon be upon us!!! – which means Summer Reading Program at  the library.
This year’s state wide theme is “Dig Into Reading”, the first day to start is June 17th and the last day to read is August 3rd.
Our reading program is for all ages and it’s a wonderful incentive to – turn off the tube, log off the computer and silence the iPhones in favor of old fashioned togetherness.  Read together or discuss what you’ve read on your own. 
Reading doesn’t use any electricity, is environmentally responsible, may increase your vocabulary and general knowledge and can be enjoyed for your entire life.
Call or visit the library for more information beginning June 10th.
Charlene Wagner, Children’s Librarian

Saturday at the library!

The Gardiner Public Library is a great place to spend your winter!  The library staff wants you to spend some time enjoying the great programs we have booked.  Last Saturday the library was bustling in all the rooms.  We had Story Hour up in our Children’s Room.  We offer Saturday Story Hour the first Saturday of every month and Babies Love Babies Play Time every Friday from 10-11AM.  We had a Henna Happy Hour in our teen section and we also scheduled a Fireside Chat with State Representative, Gay Grant.  Look for more of these chats in the future.
Are you looking for ways to meet other caregivers?  Come join us every Tuesday morning for Tuesday Story Hour (10:30-11:00AM) followed by a craft time with Missy.  Have you just read a great book and wish to talk about it?  Join our Book Discussion Group that meets 6-7PM on January 22nd as they discuss The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom.  Are you researching your family and need some help?  Join our Genealogy Meet Ups in our Community Archives Room on 1/22 and 1/24 from 11AM until 1PM.  We even have laptops that you can use!
Don’t hunker down at home waiting for spring to appear….come join us at the Gardiner Public Library.  We love seeing everyone and we are still able to recommend a great book for you to read!
Anne Davis, Library Director

Start your own book discussion group!

For more than 10 years, staff at the Gardiner Public Library has conducted monthly book discussion groups.  We have a group that meets once a month to read an assortment of titles.  Our other group fondly labels themselves the RIP-pers (Readers Into Paranormal titles) and they also meet once a month.  If you wish to join either of these groups, please contact a staff member.
Because the library purchases multiple titles for these discussion groups, we end up with lots of books with the same title.  Staff had the great idea of bundling these titles together and offering them out to our library community.  All that you need to do is check out the bundle of books and invite friends over for a great time of discussing a book and enjoying some light snacks and beverages.  It really is a great way to meet your neighbors and to stay in touch with some old friends!
The book bundles will be checked out for 6 weeks and we have a diversity of titles.  We have titles that deal with time travel (Kindred by Octavia Butler) and novels that have such depth of story that it will stay with you long after you finish the last page (Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay).  The library group has yet to discuss 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James, but keep checking back, you never know!
For a list of available titles please contact us at we will forward along the list.
 Anne Davis, Library Director

Education Month at the Gardiner Public Library!

Education is our theme for September!  Those who are taking part in our “Year of Reading” we hope you read a book, watch a movie, listen to an item, read a magazine, that somehow pertains to education.  As you all know, we are VERY relaxed about the relationship of your item to our theme, so enjoy something today.  Our September sponsor is Gardiner Family Chiropractic, so thank them next time you have an adjustment!

Since “Banned Books Week” runs from September 30 – October 6 this year, we’re offering our readers a “deal” – read or listen to a Banned Book and get an extra chance for the drawing!
We would like to offer a HUGE thank you to our other sponsors!!!
January was sponsored by At Home Veterinary Care, in West Gardiner.
February was sponsored by Book It! the library’s used book store on Water Street here in Gardiner.
March was sponsored by the Community Wellness Center, in Gardiner.
April was sponsored by the Black Crow Bakery, in Litchfield.
May was sponsored by Lisa’s Legit Burritos, in Gardiner
June was sponsored by Kan 2 Kanvas, a local artist, Mario Del Rio, in Gardiner.
July was sponsored by Deb’s Ice Cream & Mini Golf, in Randolph.
August was sponsored by Dennis’ Pizza, in Gardiner.
Please come on in and join the fun!  We would love to have you participate in whatever way works for you.
If you know any Gardiner area business that would like to sponsor a month, give us a call at (207) 582-3312. 
Ann Russell, Technology Librarian