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Springtime Trivia Quiz

To get you in the mood, here is a Springtime trivia quiz:

What is the first day of Spring called?
The Easter Equinox
The Spring Solstice
The Easter Solstice
The Vernal Equinox
Around what day does Spring begin in the Northern Hemisphere?
April 21
May 21
March 21
February 21
Which holiday does not occur during Spring?
Father’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Mother’s Day
During the first day of Spring, where does the sun rise and where does the sun set?
Rises in due south and sets in due north
Rises in due north and sets in due south
Rises in due west and sets in due east
Rises in due east and sets in due west
What myth is associated with the first day of Spring?
Only on that day can you balance a raw egg on its end.
Body hair doesn’t grow on the first day of Spring.
You’re most likely to get into a plane crash on the first day of Spring.
Only on that day can you see Saturn with the naked eye from anywhere in the USA.
What does Spring symbolize?
On the first day of Spring, it is said that the day and night are exactly what length?
12 hour day & 12 hour night
10 hour day & 14 hour night
16 hour day & 8 hour night
14 hour day & 10 hour night
Is Spring considered the first, second, third or fourth season of the year?
For Australians, in what month does Spring begin?
Why does daylight increase in Spring?
Because the Earth’s axis is increasing its tilt toward the sun.
Because the Earth doesn’t spin as fast on its axis.
Because the Earth is closest to the sun in its orbit.
Because the Sun moves closer to the Earth in the Spring.
This quiz was from the website:
SPOILER ALERT !  The answers now follow:
1.        Vernal Equinox
2.       March 21
3.       St. Patrick’s Day
4.       Due East and due West
5.       Raw egg answer
6.       Rebirth
7.       12 hours each
8.       First
9.       September
10.    The axis increases its tilt towards the sun