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These books have lost their covers over the years and consequently don’t catch your eye as they sit on the library shelves but please pick them up and take a chance.  They were such good reads back when they were published that they were made into pretty good movies too.

Keep them alive; give them a try.  Borrow the book or the movie from the library and see what I mean.
Gentleman’s Agreement (by Laura Hobson)  A magazine writer looks for a new angle when he agrees to write a series of articles on anti-Semitism.  He pretends to be Jewish, and his new identity pervades his life in unexpected ways, almost destroying his relationships.
The Magnificent Ambersons (by Booth Tarkington)  A wealthy turn of the century family collapses under the changing currents of progress.
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (by B. Traven)  Three prospectors in search of gold in Mexico find suspicion, treachery, and greed.
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (by Eric Hodgkins) A city boy wants to become a suburbanite and the Blandings decide to build their dream house – with many complications.


Drums Along the Mohawk (by Walter Edmonds)  This details the trails of a colonial newlywed couple as their village in Mohawk Valley is besieged by Indians.
From here to eternity (by James Jones)  Complex, hard-hitting look at the on and off-duty life of soldiers at the Army base in Honolulu in the days before the Pearl Harbor attack.
An American Tragedy (by Theodore Dreiser) – the movie is A Place in the Sun.  An ambitious laborer whose aspirations to the high life with a gorgeous debutante are threatened by his lower-class lover’s pregnancy.
Title descriptions are taken from VideoHound’s Golden Movie Retriever.
Scott Handville, Assistant Library Director

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”

Yes, it has started again.  The 7th episode of the much beloved movie series has been released to movie theaters this month.  It set a box office record – breaking $57 million at the U.S. box office for its preview showings on Thursday night.  Yes, these are movies that have become part of our popular culture and collective consciousness.  We’ve seen the costumes at Halloween and the toys that have spun off from the movies.  But are you aware of all the books – fiction AND nonfiction – that have been spun off from the movies that are available to you via the public library? There is an unbelievable plethora of choices.
There are many graphic novels such as Star Wars, the Clone Wars and Star Wars, dark empire.  Timothy Zahn has written several novels expanding the Star Wars universe: Star Wars, Outbound Flight and Star Wars, Survivor’s Quest are just two of them.  Other authors who have done the same thing are Matthew Stover, R.A. Salvatore, and Michael Stackpole.  Check them out.
There have been even comic takes on the whole Star Wars fantasy.  Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs brought new comic dimensions to slightly familiar characters.  If you still have access to a VHS video machine, the library has a wonderful short feature called George Lucas in Love.  It is a takeoff on the film Shakespeare in Love, which traces the “true” origins of the Star Wars saga to a young George Lucas suffering from writer’s block as he tries to complete his final screenplay for USC Film School.  Ever wonder where Princess Lea’s head braids came from?  This cute short film will reveal all.
Finally, there are untold number of titles available via your library card as e-books and audio books through Overdrive on the Gardiner Public Library website.

Books to Movies

I don’t know about you, but I’m interested to know which books will eventually become movies.  It always fascinates me to see who plays who in a movie version of a book that I have enjoyed.  The settings, and how they are designed, the clothing, the hairstyles, all pieces that I have “seen” in my mind, but how will these be portrayed?

So far, I am aware of 16 books that have been, or are being made into movies for release in 2014.  Let’s see what they are . . .
Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.  25 years after her mother and sisters were killed, Libby joins a secret society searching for the murderer(s). – Release date September 1, 2014
Divergent by Veronica Roth.  A dystopian city, five factions based on personality type, feelings of not fitting in, who will survive? – Release date March 21, 2014
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  The story of friendship, cancer, and, possibly, love(?) for 16 year-old- Hazel. – Release date June 6, 2014
The Giver by Lois Lowry.  At 12, Jonas is given all the memories in the community. Not as much fun as you might think. – Release date August 15, 2014
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  What happened to Amy?  About to celebrate her fifth wedding anniversary, she disappears, but where did she go? – Release date October 3, 2014
The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais.  Follows the Haji family as they leave India, travel the world, eventually opening an Indian restaurant. – Release date August 8, 2014
Labor Day by Joyce Maynard.  The story of a young man and his mother who take in a man needing their help.  It turns out, the man is actually a fugitive from the police.  This becomes a weekend to remember. – Release date January 31, 2014
A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby.  Tells the stories of four individuals who seem to be at the point of ending their lives.  Release date March 7, 2014 (U.K.)
The Maze Runner by James Dashner.  Amnesia, teen-aged boys, a single girl, dystopia, what next? – Release date September 19, 2014
The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel.  Based on the stories of 18 men who protected precious European art from being destroyed during World War II. – Release date February 7, 2014
Serena by Ron Rash. 1930s, greed, corruption, revenge, love and illegitimacy, what could go wrong? – Release date 2014
This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper.  A family death brings this whole dysfunctional family together, where the pot is stirred, and things come to the surface – some funny, and some not so funny. – Release date September 12, 2014
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  Survival story of a World War II, Army Air Force bomber who crashes into the Pacific Ocean. – Release date December 25, 2014
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.  Tells the story of a vampire and a dhampir (half-human/half-vampire) friendship.  High School friendships can be difficult, but . . . – Release date February 7, 2014
Wild by Cheryl Strayed. A solo hike from the Mojave Desert to Washington State, imagine the adventures! – Release date 2014
Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin.  Follows the love affair between a thief and the heiress who is home when he attempts to rob her home. – Release date February 14, 2014

THAT book!

They come in all shapes and sizes; from across broad socio-economic lines and from both old and young; male or female…but we can always tell!  They approach the main desk in a furtive and nervous way….and we know what they are going to ask.  In a quiet whisper (and for anyone using the Gardiner Public Library, you know we aren’t “that kind” of library) they wonder, “do you have THAT book??” 
It is here that I must admit we do toy with our customers sometimes; it is always with kindness though…”what book would that be?”  The excuses are numerous, and very inventive.  Some folks saw a “review” of it on 60 Minutes others learned about it from a friend in the book discussion club and still others heard about it from their family, but they all want to know “do WE have it??”
So, yes, of course we have THAT book and the other titles in the trilogy.  E.L. James has written a provocative trilogy that includes the following titles: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and, Fifty Shades Freed.  The story is ultimately a love story told in the erotica genre.  It sits on many mainstreamed best-seller lists and it probably has made a fortune for the author.  However, Ms. James is not the first person to tap into this genre and, with the popularity of these books, will not be the last!  Erotica has been in fashion for many centuries and, most assuredly, has stirred up controversy with each publication.
As librarians, we have been asked to recommend titles of similar genre.  Some mainstream authors have ventured into it and we can steer you to them.  So, remember, your secret is safe with us, most of what we do in the library IS confidential.  The Gardiner Public Library does have THAT BOOK, and, we have many other things to read as well.  Come and visit soon, we can hook you up!


Anne Davis, Director of Library and Information Services