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Many of us may feel like shouting this as the temperatures in Maine hover around zero degrees in January and February. So…….how about getting away on a vacation?  Maybe not literally as funds may hold us back, but a movie can take you away to a warmer climate with unusual adventures with the click of a remote control.  Pick your destination, choose the movie, and away you go!
Here are a few suggestions of movies available at the Gardiner Public Library that will help you escape the cold… least for the time being.
American Werewolf in London (1981)  Perfect example of a good trip gone bad.  Two American students hike the mores in England during their vacation.  They are attacked by a strange creature one night while they are lost.  One student is killed; the other becomes a werewolf.  Scary and humorous at the same time.
Bread and Tulips (2001)  A woman is accidentally left behind by her vacationing family in Italy.  She decides to go to Venice – after alerting her family – and begins her real vacation there.
California Suite (1978)  It’s all about the cast – Alan Alda, Michael Caine, Bill Cosby, Jane Fonda, Walter Matthau, Richard Pryor, Maggie Smith, and Elaine May – as they descend upon the posh Beverly Hills Hotel for their vacations.
Deliverance (1972)  Now this really IS a vacation gone bad.  Four city men decide to canoe down a rural southern river – and end up battling nature, backwoodsmen, and their idea of survival.
Dirty Dancing (1987)  They had the time of their lives. Baby grows up as her family vacations in the Catskills and she becomes involved in the camp’s dance troupe.
Don’t drink the water (2001)  An outrageous mix-up labels an unsuspecting family of American tourists as a notorious ring of spies, starring Woody Allen, Mayim Bialik, Dom DeLuise, Michael J. Fox, Edward Herrmann, Julie Kavner .
The last of Sheila (1973)  A movie producer invites his friends to join him for a cruise on his yacht where he has planned elaborate parlor games to try to figure out which one of them may have killed his wife.
My life in ruins (2009)  A Greek-American tour guide in Greece has lost her zest for life.  Her latest week’s tour may be the group that can turn it around for her and her romance-challenged life.
Six days, seven nights (1998).  A female journalist, on vacation with her fiancé, is forced to hire a cargo pilot to fly her to Tahiti to finish a deadline crisis.  The plane crashes and they are forced to depend upon each for survival.
Two for the road (1967)  The impossibly attractive duo of Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finny play a married couple who look back on their marriage as they take a road trip to the French Riviera.
Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008)  Two best friends, very different in goals and temperament, spend the summer in Barcelona where they become involved with a charming artist.
Where the boys are (1960)  Here is the classic spring break movie!  It starts in the snowy northeast when 4 college girls decide to go to Fort Lauderdale for their spring break.