Gardiner Public Library is now open to the public Monday - Friday from 10 - 5. Our Pick-Up Window is open Mon. 10 - 5:25 ; Tues. 10 - 5:25 ; Wed. 10 - 6 ; Thurs. 10 - 5:25 and Fri. 10 - 5:25. Please call for details - 207-582-3312

Interesting Library Information

Each year public libraries throughout the state are required to submit a yearly report to the Maine State Library.  Most folks do not relish the idea of reports, but the information contained is something we should all brag about!

The library continues to be the anchor business for Gardiner’s downtown.  Last year more than 62,000 people visited the library.  Some came for the traditional reasons of finding a good book or movie to bring home.  Others came to use one of the 19 public computers available at the library.  We are finding that more and more businesses and governmental agencies insist on applications and forms be submitted electronically and the library offers free Internet access to anyone who needs it.  Almost 2,000 people attended a program at the library; programs that are always opened to the public and that are always free.  We have our regular customers who just come in for a bit of respite from their busy days.  We have quite a few people who come to read (and hold!) an actual newspaper.  Did you know that the library subscribes to 5 local and regional newspapers?  Many people tuck into the library during their lunchtime just to read a few articles in a magazine; a magazine that they no longer subscribe to because of the cost.  Libraries make literature and pop culture available to everyone who walks through the doors.  Oh, and staff still circulates stuff…
In 2014, the library circulated 113,409 physical items.  When is the last time that you visited the Gardiner Public Library?
The library is located at 152 Water Street, Gardiner and staff may be reached at 207-582-3312 if you have any questions about library services.
 Anne Davis, Library Director