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LearningExpress Library – MARVELous Blog 9

What piece of the MARVEL resources are we learning about next?  Hmmm . . .  LearningExpress Library for Public Libraries – this looks to be a very interesting part of MARVEL.

To begin this lesson, I register with LearningExpress Library.  This is a quick and simple process – just a user name and a password. 
Now to play with some of the features.  Along the left side of the page are the Learning Centers.  These range from Elementary, Middle and High School through College information.  Also available in this column are Software Tutorials, Skill Building information, information about  gaining U.S. Citizenship and something in Spanish that I’m sorry to say, I cannot read.  The center column has the usual Welcome information as well as places to “click and browse” areas of this site.  The right hand column has recent news about LearningExpress and a couple of What Do I Do Now? options.
Next I decide to see what the tests are like.  Since I don’t want to feel intimidated, I opt for a 4th Grade Practice Math Test.  I “add” the test to my “Center”, and proceed to work my way through several examples.  I seem to remember my 4th grade numbers much better than I expected!  “Viewing” my results shows a breakdown of where I need help and where I seem to understand the concepts.  At this point I am also given suggestions for further preparation.  I’m not ready to check into anything more heavy duty, but I can certainly see where these tests will be helpful!
What should I look into next?  With employment opportunities at a premium, I think I’ll look at Job Search & Workplace Skills.  Recently, we have had several folks in working on their resumes and cover letters.  Four choices on this page – all with more information once I click on the link.  I open the Job Search, Resumes, and Interviewing section – more choices!  Here I opt for Creating Great Resumes and Cover Letters.  Four choices here as well, two are e-books and two are e-courses.  Hoping that a “course” will walk me through the writing process, I add the Creating a Great Resume e-course to my center.  A few quick questions later, I know what type of format I should use for my resume; I have been given suggestions/recommendations for font style and size, as well as line spacing and margin size.  Continuing with this course, I am shown sample templates, reminded about things like spllenig, pellsing, speinllgSPELLING, proper grammar and being truthful.  This is a great refresher of the various items we should all have in our resumes.
Next I take a few minutes and download an e-book.  These are in PDF format, and are fairly easy to navigate.  There are many Many MANY available to search through and read.  Definitely lots of great information FREE to any and all with a valid Maine library card!