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Librarians, Avert Your Eyes…. Recycled Book Crafts!!!!!

There is a secret lurking deep in the crafting blogs and Pinterest boards of this internet, one that will send shivers up the spine of any reputable librarian……. books are being used as a medium for art!!!! For those librarians and book lovers who aren’t made of stronger stuff, we suggest you avert your eyes for the remainder of this post.

There are wreaths:
Wall Art:
 Mod Podge Art:
And, they’ve even been used in carpentry projects:
What is the world coming to??!
However much we would like to publicly denounce these vile book crafts, we do recognize that there are times when books do reach a stage age of wear and begin to fall apart…..and then what do you do with them? We suppose crafting could be a suitable option. That is *IF* the books are yours (and not taken out from a library) and *IF* they are no longer suitable to read because of their condition (or if you have a particular dislike for the book/author… well, have at it!). Feel free to take out books from our library ABOUT crafting… we just ask that you not craft with our books, if you please. 🙂
If you are interested in more art to do with recycled books, a simple google search will bring up plenty of options. Also, Pinterest is a great place to get ideas on a whole variety of crafting topics!!
*Missy is an assistant librarian as the Gardiner Library and currently hosts a weekly craft time at 11:15 in the Children’s Room.*