Movie Scenes In The Library!

I’m thinking of movies with key scenes that were set in a library.  Can you come up with others?

Ghostbusters (1984) – The beginning of the movies has a female specter wrecking havoc on an old card catalog
Breakfast Club (1985) – School detention is held in the library
The Day After Tomorrow(2004) – Survivors of a world disaster take refuge in the New York Public Library
Gone With The Wind(1939) – Scarlett first meets Rhett in the home library when she flings a porcelain piece at the departing Ashley
The Librarian(2004) – Where else would the world’s mysterious treasures be kept.  Noah Wylie stars.
The Music Man(1961) – Marion the Librarian gets a bit flustered when the town’s high schoolers kick up their heels in her building.
Desk Set (1957) – Tracy and Hepburn film that shows us the future and is about the head of the research department at a TV network and an absent-minded computer genius.
 Scott Handville, Assistant Library Director