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Passenger Pigeons in the Library!


On a windy Thursday afternoon, April 24th, the library held an origami workshop on Passenger Pigeons. Isabelle Files led the program where attendees came and folded 62 Passenger Pigeons for the www.foldtheflock.orgproject. We will enter our number of pigeons with the website. Attendees were ages 4 and up and all seemed to have a great time.
We had a short history given to us about the year 2014 marking the centennial anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon and questions were asked about other extinct animals in our world.


The very lively group did more folding of other origami animals after finishing with a couple of pigeons. There were origami turtles, squirrels, chickens, snakes, dolphins and other animals made during the two hour time period. Food was served to keep everyone happily at work. It was fun and felt very good to have such a successful project. A big thank you goes out to Isabelle Files for running a fabulous program. 
If you are interested in doing origami, we at the library have plenty of books for you to take out and enjoy this craft.