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Librarians, Avert Your Eyes…. Recycled Book Crafts!!!!!

There is a secret lurking deep in the crafting blogs and Pinterest boards of this internet, one that will send shivers up the spine of any reputable librarian……. books are being used as a medium for art!!!! For those librarians and book lovers who aren’t made of stronger stuff, we suggest you avert your eyes for the remainder of this post.

There are wreaths:
Wall Art:
 Mod Podge Art:
And, they’ve even been used in carpentry projects:
What is the world coming to??!
However much we would like to publicly denounce these vile book crafts, we do recognize that there are times when books do reach a stage age of wear and begin to fall apart…..and then what do you do with them? We suppose crafting could be a suitable option. That is *IF* the books are yours (and not taken out from a library) and *IF* they are no longer suitable to read because of their condition (or if you have a particular dislike for the book/author… well, have at it!). Feel free to take out books from our library ABOUT crafting… we just ask that you not craft with our books, if you please. 🙂
If you are interested in more art to do with recycled books, a simple google search will bring up plenty of options. Also, Pinterest is a great place to get ideas on a whole variety of crafting topics!!
*Missy is an assistant librarian as the Gardiner Library and currently hosts a weekly craft time at 11:15 in the Children’s Room.*

Saturday at the library!

The Gardiner Public Library is a great place to spend your winter!  The library staff wants you to spend some time enjoying the great programs we have booked.  Last Saturday the library was bustling in all the rooms.  We had Story Hour up in our Children’s Room.  We offer Saturday Story Hour the first Saturday of every month and Babies Love Babies Play Time every Friday from 10-11AM.  We had a Henna Happy Hour in our teen section and we also scheduled a Fireside Chat with State Representative, Gay Grant.  Look for more of these chats in the future.
Are you looking for ways to meet other caregivers?  Come join us every Tuesday morning for Tuesday Story Hour (10:30-11:00AM) followed by a craft time with Missy.  Have you just read a great book and wish to talk about it?  Join our Book Discussion Group that meets 6-7PM on January 22nd as they discuss The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom.  Are you researching your family and need some help?  Join our Genealogy Meet Ups in our Community Archives Room on 1/22 and 1/24 from 11AM until 1PM.  We even have laptops that you can use!
Don’t hunker down at home waiting for spring to appear….come join us at the Gardiner Public Library.  We love seeing everyone and we are still able to recommend a great book for you to read!
Anne Davis, Library Director

MARVELous Invitational Lesson 4 – Hobbies and Crafts



This week I am exploring the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center of the Marvel databases.  This sounds like fun! 
First I watch another short and wonderful tutorial about this resource.  I have to say that these tutorials have all been concise and extremely easy to follow!  A huge thank you to those who created these learning tools.
The home page for the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center is very colorful and attractive.  I have several choices or ways to search this database.  I can browse by general categories such as Arts & Craftsor Outdoors & Nature.  I am able to browse by Popular Sources such as Creative Costumes & Halloween Décor: 50 Projects to Sew & Craft or Knits for Men: 20 Sweaters, Vests & Accessories.  I also see Season & Holiday, as well as Kids’ Crafts.  WOW, what fun – Pintrest watch out – this is AMAZING!
Okay. I’m back – this database is truly one of those places I could get lost.  Just browsing is so much fun, but now on to a “Real” search.
Since I have been learning to read the Tarot, I type tarot in the search bar.  Eighty-two results!  Several on the first page look interesting.  The periodicals these articles range from Action Figure Digest to PolymerCAFE Magazine.  I check a few of the articles and see that a couple of them actually do have a bit about the Tarot, but many don’t. 
Next I try the Projectstab to see what this brings up.  Three fun articles about creating a fantasy type character.  Two of these projects are soft sculpture.  Neither appears to have anything specific to do with tarot, but fun to see.  The third project uses the Foolfrom the tarot deck as its inspiration for a wall hanging.
I check the other tabs – Periodicals and Reference Books – interesting information but not specific to my search term.  I was hoping for a bit of information on creating a tarot deck, or perhaps inspiration for a tarot reading, but no luck this time.
The Help button at the top right of the screen is an interesting feature.  Clicking this button, I find the usual help functions – how to search ; system requirements ; how to save results ; tutorial (I liked the one provided by the Maine State Library better than this one) ; etc.  I do discover that there is a Citation Styles area.  This will be extremely helpful when assisting folks needing to cite there sources!
Whether or not I have found what I was initially looking for, this is a wonderful database!  I know I will definitely be using this with some of our patrons in the future.

Summer Reading Fun!!

The children and young adult Summer Reading Program Dream Big Read! Is underway!  This year the ONLY rules are that books must be at an individual’s reading level, and that they be checked out of the library overnight. – WOW how great is that??

Free choice for EVERY book recorded on an individual’s chart. 
For each completed book a reader or listener may choose a grab bag, with a limit of 10 prizes per participant.
We continue to have Preschool Story Hour on Tuesdays at 10:30 with a preschool craft.  This summer we have added a craft time for those ages six and up on Tuesdays at 3:00.  Our first craft were fairy houses which can be seen at Steamboat Lane located at Gardiner’s beautiful Waterfront Park.
For those who are taking part in our Year of Reading, this month the theme is Summer Fun. Read a book, watch a movie, listen to an item, pop in a music CD, read a magazine, that somehow pertains to . . . anything (yes, we are being very relaxed about the relationship of your item to our theme) and have your name entered for the July drawing!  This month’s sponsor is Deb’s Ice Cream & Mini Golf located at 132 Water Street in Randolph. They have generously donated something fun to be won by a lucky user of the Gardiner Public library.

We would like to offer a HUGE thank you to our other sponsors!!!

January was sponsored by At Home Veterinary Care, in West Gardiner.

February was sponsored by Book It!, The library’s used book store on Water Street here in Gardiner.

March was sponsored by the Community Wellness Center, in Gardiner.

April was sponsored by Black Crow Bakery, in Litchfield.

May was sponsored by Lisa’s Legit Burritos, in Gardiner.
June was sponsored by local artist Mario Del Rio.
Please come on in and join the fun!  We would love to have you participate in whatever way works for you.

What are you reading right now?

Several years ago I watched an HBO movie on the life of Temple Grandin, a woman born with severe autism, who became a PhD professor at Colorado State University.  When I read a recent review for a new children’s book about this remarkable woman I knew it was one we should have in our collection.
Temple Grandin: How the Girl Who Loved Cows Embraced Autism and Changed the World, by Sy Montgomery is truly a memorable story for children as well as for adults.
                                       Charlene Wagner, Children’s Librarian


The question was asked, “What are you reading right now?” Well, my life at this time is a little to busy to finish a book. So I will tell you what I have been trying to read lately. The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green is a new novel for Teens. It is about a girl with cancer named Hazel and a boy named Augustus. It has love, illness, Indianapolis, Amsterdam and all kinds of stuff.  I would love to catch you reading this book.
                                                              Ginni Nichols, YA Librarian


Of the several titles I have finished recently, Craft Activism: people, ideas and projects from the new community of handmade and how you can join in, by Joan Tapper was full of fun and interesting information.  This book has patterns, as well as interesting background about several crafting groups in the United States.  I found fascinating, some of the community art projects in the book. Truly a fun and colorful read!
                                                   Ann Russell, Technology Librarian
All of the titles mentioned are items owned by the Gardiner Public Library.  Check the website, or give us a call, and we will hold the item for you.
All of the book jacket illustrations were found as Google images.