At this time, access to the building is on Monday through Friday from 10am - 5pm. Our Pick-Up Window is open Monday through Friday from 10 - 5:25. Please call for details - 207-582-3312

Fall Events at the Library!

We still have a few more events associated with the Voices Of The Kennebec grant. 

Deb Gould will be here on Tuesday, October 11th from 7:00pm – 8:30pm to discuss her historical novel The Eastern, set in Pittston, Maine. 
Gay Grant will be here on Tuesday, October 25th from 7:00pm – 8:30pm to discuss her book Destination Unknown, a biography of a World War II evacuee.
There is still room available in the Writing Workshop with Brian Evans-Jones, to be held on Saturday, October 22nd from 10:00am – 4:00pm.  Call the library – 207.582.3312 – if you have any interest in a day of writing!
The final program associated with Voices Of The Kennebec will be held Tuesday, November 1st from 7:00pm – 8:30pm.  This will be an evening of readings and sharing of literary works inspired by Gardiner, the Kennebec, and our place in Maine history!
On Tuesday, October 25th, from 10:00am – 11:00am, Ms. Jenn and the Nutrition Detectives will be back!  Ms. Jenn does an amazing story time, and this will be a fun filled spooky hour of music and movement!
I’m not sure about you, but I am certainly looking forward to the second annual Real Ghost Stories evening here in the library!  We’ll be listening to the haunting tales on Thursday, October 27th 2016 from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.  Last year we had a Hazzard Reading Room full of people listening to and telling their own haunting memories of the Gardiner, Maine area.  Stories ranged from “The Castle,” to the library, to private homes in Gardiner, to a store in the greater Portland area.  If you are a bit shy about sharing your story publicly, I know Kelly – – would be thrilled for you to share your stories with her.  Kelly will compile what she receives and share throughout the evening, anonymously if you prefer.
If you are searching for something fun and different, join us for the First Annual Discover Gardiner Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, November 5th from 11:00am – 1:00pm.  An event hoping to encourage “Scavengers” to explore and engage with Gardiner’s past and present!  This event is a fundraiser for the library, so gather your team, and meet here at the library for check-in beginning at 10:00am on November 5th! Cost is $10 per individual adult, $5 for each additional team member and children under 12 participate free!  Registration information is available at the Main Desk on the Adult Level of the library!
Ann Russell, Technology Librarian

What’s Happening In The Library

As we roll into fall, school starting, apple picking, falling leaves, etc. etc., I took a few minutes to reflect on how busy we were over the summer months.

And it has been a busy summer here at the Gardiner Public Library.  We had 18,793 people walk through our doors. That’s up from 16,489 last summer between June 1stand August 31st.  735 people attended 59 different programs in 2016.  That’s up as well – 683 people attended programs during the summer of 2015.  I wish I could give you accurate statistics about the Summer Reading Programs – both children’s and young adult – but I don’t currently have access to those figures.  From my perspective at the Adult Circulation Desk, I will say that there were definitely many more Young Adult participants this year!
So, what will we be doing this fall?  We have a variety of events in the offing.  Local author, Anne Valley is offering a journaling class – More Joy, Less Stress – journaling for perspective, peace and prosperity.  This is a six week class, on Tuesday mornings from 10:00am to 12:30pm, beginning Tuesday, September 6th.  Registration is limited, but there are still a few spaces available.  Give us a call to reserve your spot – 207-582-3312.
Miss Jenn and the Nutrition Detectives will be here for Story Time & Crafts on Tuesday, September 13th.  Join us then with your little one to learn more about good nutrition!
Tuesday, September 13th begins an eight week series – Voices of the Kennebec.  Over the eight weeks we will host several local authors, as well as a writing workshop.  Please join us on September 13th, from 7:00pm – 8:30pm as we welcome Gay Grant discussing hometown Pulitzer Prize winners Laura E. Richards, Edwin Arlington Robinson, and Robert Peter Tristram Coffin.
In October we are planning another ghost story event.  Thursday, October 27th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm we will host our community in recalling local ghost stories.  If you have a story to share, please email Kelly at hauntedgardiner@yahoo.comand she will gladly add your story to her collection.
Don’t forget – Story Time and Crafts every Tuesday from 10:00am – 11:00am, and Babies Love Babies every Friday from 10:00am – 11:00am in the Children’s Room!
We also have two different book discussion groups that meet monthly.  The Paranormal group meets the first Tuesday of the month, and our more literary group meets the third or fourth Tuesday of the month.  Each of these groups meet from 6:00pm – 7:00pm.
Fall is still young, and I’m sure we will add several events as we discover them.  Keep your eyes open to posters in and around Gardiner, and we’ll see you in the library!
Ann Russell, Technology Librarian

Book discussion groups at the Gardiner Public Library

I would like to tell you about the book discussion groups we offer here at the Gardiner Public Library. If you would like to join one of these talks, just let us know at the front desk. Copies of all the books are usually available behind the desk for each group. We have three different groups:

RIP-pers (Readers Into Paranormal) Books is a group that discusses paranormal books and meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00. Their next book is Relic by Douglas Preston, and they will meet Tuesday, February 3th.
Our regularbook discussion group that meets about every 6 weeks and has been going on the longest of all the three groups. Next time this group meets is Tuesday, January 20th, at 6:00 and they will be chatting about the book A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash.
Books to Movies” is a group that discusses books that have been made into a movie. We try to do it as close to the movie as possible. Our next talk is on Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn on Tuesday, January 13th, at 6:00. 
You are welcome at any time to join one or more of these groups. 

What’s going on at the library?

Port City Sound: a Barbershop Quartet will join us here Tuesday, June 11, 2013 from 6:30 – 7:30 in the beautiful Hazzard Reading Room.  Port City Sound will enchant us with their robust and vibrant harmonies.  Members include lead singer Walt Dowling; tenor Fred Moore; baritone Jim Curtis and bass Jim Simpson.  Come and listen!
Our annual Summer Reading Programbegins in a couple of weeks.  Charlene Wagner, our Children’s Librarian, blogged about that a few weeks ago.  This year’s theme is “Dig Into Reading”.  Join us for Crafts on Tuesdays, and watch for other fun events to happen!  Don’t bury yourself in front of the television or computer – dig into a new author!
Visit the Young Adult area on the last Thursday of each month for “Snacks & Games for Teens”.  Enjoy a rousing game of “Apples to Apples”, “Scrabble” or even “Tic Tac Toe”!  We’ll provide water and something to munch, and the teens provide the enthusiasm.
Interested in a temporary tattoo?  Explore the art of henna on Tuesday, June 18th beginning at 6:00!  We’ll have 2 local henna enthusiasts here to fix you right up with a henna tattoo.  There will also be several different colors of fingernail polish available while you wait.  I’m not sure, but . . . I think there will probably be snacks as well!
Like many libraries around the country, we have 2 book discussion groups that meet here at the library.  One group reads a very eclectic and varied list of titles.  They usually meet the 3rdor 4th Tuesday of each month to discuss a book chosen the previous month.  The other group, fondly called the “RIP-pers”, meets the 1st Tuesday of each month.  This group “Readers Into Paranormal”, reads a variety of items, both fiction and non-fiction, but everything is at least a bit out of the main stream.  Each of these groups is open to new members, so join one soon. 
Something new we are trying here in Gardiner – loaning out book group sets.  The library purchases several copies of books for our discussion groups, and, once the discussion has happened, those books are available for borrowing as groups.  Each book group set contains between 3 and 8 books, and is available for you to borrow for your book group.  Check out the list here, and come on in for books for you and your friends.
Did you know you could use your Gardiner Public Library card at two other area libraries?  A few years ago, library directors of Gardiner, Waterville and Augusta formed a partnership.  Since so many of our library users live and work in different communities, it made sense to them that these 3 libraries begin a reciprocal borrowing agreement.  Here in Gardiner, we have visitors several times a month using their library cards from either Lithgow Public Library, or Waterville PublicLibrary.  We all know how wonderful our borrowing and lending is through the state wide Inter-Library Loan program – sometimes it is even more exciting to know you can borrow items from another library with your home town library card.  Try it the next time you are in Augusta or Waterville!
These are just a few of the exciting things happening in Gardiner.  Please check back often for other exciting events or check the library calendar!
Ann Russell, Technology Librarian

Ghosts in the Library?!?!

On Sunday, April 14, 2013, we had a local group investigate the library for paranormal activity!  What did they find???
Sunday evening, I met Roger and several members of his team here at the Gardiner Public Library.  They carried in several pieces of equipment, including Infrared cameras, EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recorders, EMF (electro magnetic field) meters, cameras – both still and video – a laser grid, as well as the more mundane flash lights. 
After a fairly quick tour of the building, with a bit of history, and a bit of discussion about where and when activity might occur, Roger and his crew set up their equipment.  Infrared cameras were set up on each floor.  Someone adjusted a book here or there, hoping I guess, that a spirit might either push it back on the shelf or off the shelf (neither of these things happened, by the way!)
Next, we divided up into two teams.  One team went up to the Children’s Room, and the other went down to the Community Archives Room.  I was in the downstairs group.  We settled around the tables; lights in the room were all off.  Some of the team members had cameras and took pictures.  The team leader set up EMF meter on the table, and, using a head set, listened to the EVP recorder.  Members of this group attempted to make contact with whatever energies were there and available.  Some of the questions were very general, asking for knocks as answers.  I didn’t hear any specifics, but the team leader thought he heard response through the EVP recorder.  I do know that a couple of times, I got extremely cold!  The EMF meter was passed around me, and the numbers changed significantly!  YIKES!
Once the meter numbers were shown to have changed, the team leader began to carry it around the room for a bit.  He got several number spikes as he wandered. I asked about different former staff members, and one or two caused the numbers to fluctuate.  We tested this for a bit more, than moved on.
Both teams met on the main level of the library and discussed what we had observed.
Next we switched floors.  My group noticed that there is quite a bit of “white noise” in the Children’s Room – from the ticking of the clock, to the heating system, to the street noises.  A picture book and the train were set out to entice any energies interested visiting with us.  I am interested to hear what was discovered once all of the evidence has been revealed!
We re-convened in the Hazzard Reading Room for a session with the entire group.  The EMF meter was in the center of the room, and the numbers fluctuated quite a bit, but further investigation showed the fluctuation occurred the higher in the room that the device was held.  I’m not sure what that means, but I certainly found it interesting.  We stayed in there for a bit, asking questions.  The person using the EVP recorder felt that he heard some responses, but again, the evidence needs to be reviewed.
Stay tuned – we hope to have a program in the not too distant future, revealing all!!!
Ann Russell, Technology Librarian

Start your own book discussion group!

For more than 10 years, staff at the Gardiner Public Library has conducted monthly book discussion groups.  We have a group that meets once a month to read an assortment of titles.  Our other group fondly labels themselves the RIP-pers (Readers Into Paranormal titles) and they also meet once a month.  If you wish to join either of these groups, please contact a staff member.
Because the library purchases multiple titles for these discussion groups, we end up with lots of books with the same title.  Staff had the great idea of bundling these titles together and offering them out to our library community.  All that you need to do is check out the bundle of books and invite friends over for a great time of discussing a book and enjoying some light snacks and beverages.  It really is a great way to meet your neighbors and to stay in touch with some old friends!
The book bundles will be checked out for 6 weeks and we have a diversity of titles.  We have titles that deal with time travel (Kindred by Octavia Butler) and novels that have such depth of story that it will stay with you long after you finish the last page (Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay).  The library group has yet to discuss 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James, but keep checking back, you never know!
For a list of available titles please contact us at we will forward along the list.
 Anne Davis, Library Director