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Things I love about library patrons

Twelve things I love about our library patrons (children, students and adults)

1.      Seeing our regular summer patrons come back after winter
2.      Having them ask for a certain book or helping them find a new series or item
3.      The little gifts they surprise us with
4.      Making their day when a certain book or movie comes in
5.      Making our day brighter by coming in to the library
6.      One human being helping another human being
7.      Having a personal connection with a patron
8.      Seeing them enjoy a program that we put on
9.      Hearing them tell us about a book or item they enjoy immensely
10. Being able to share our family stories and pictures with them and them sharing theirs
11. Helping them with their family histories or with the history of their home
12. They make me smile every day that I work at the library
Thanks to the wonderful people who make my work days so enjoyable.
Ginni Nichols, YA Librarian

35 Years, 3 Generations of Families, Some Amazingly Wonderful Patrons.

Where did the years go?

As I begin my retirement, there are certain things of which I am sure.
I will deeply miss:
  • The wonderful Gardiner Library staff.  Our collaboration, laughter, problem solving, and friendship goes far beyond most working environments. Together we have made GPL one of the premier libraries in the state. You are the Best!
  • Selecting books for the children’s collection.
  • School visits with dedicated teachers.
  • Meetings & conferences with colleagues.
  • And finally, all the energetic, super terrific children whom I’ve had the privilege to watch grow up and become readers.
 Thank you all!
And a special appreciation to the many thoughtful people who’ve taken the time to phone, stop by, write wonderful messages on Facebook, and indulge me with flowers & gifts.  I am so honored!
Charlene Wagner, Children’s Librarian