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Ursula K. Le Guin – A Poem From The Shelves

As many of you may know, well-known fantasy and science fiction author, Ursula K. Le Guin died last month.  The following poem, in homage to her, uses only titles of some of her works.


Very far away from anywhere else

Changing planes

City of illusions

Planet of exile

The unreal and the real

The dispossessed

Always coming home


Cat dreams

A ride on the red mare’s back


The twins, the dream

Catwings return

A visit from Dr. Katz

Wild angels


Incredible good fortune




Nine lives

The birthday of the world

The beginning place


A fisherman of the inland sea

The wind’s twelve quarters

The farthest shore

The other wind


The eye of the heron

Fish soup

Happy Valentine’s Day

If you’d like the history of the holiday, there are several good books in our children’s room that do a good job of presenting the information. In addition, there are some crafty books for kids to make cute Valentine crafts. You’ll also find a nice assortment of fun Valentine fiction books. For your perusal, the following is just a smattering of what we have to offer.

Presents the history of Valentine’s Day, as well as its past and present traditions; Juvenile Nonfiction 


The story of Valentine symbols; Juvenile Nonfiction


Recounts an incident in the life of St. Valentine, a physician who treated a small child for blindness.


Valentine crafts for kids, as well as Valentine decorations


A collection of Valentine stories, poems, and activities, by a variety of authors.

Dreaming of Spring!

As the snow gets smaller and smaller.


We dream of Spring.
Insects will start to appear.
We turn the pages.
The dribbling of drops begins.


We dream of Spring.
Plan our gardens
With a magazine.
Some green starts to appear.


We dream of Spring.
Town meetings start.
Voices are heard.
Hoping for no flooding. 
We dream of Spring.
What do you dream of in Spring?
Ginni Nichols, Young Adult Librarian

Winter and the Library

As the cold winter wind begins to blow and snow comes down in inches.



We stay inside more to read, watch movies, and enjoy the warmth inside our houses. 


Sitting by the fireplace with a great read with the dog at your feet.


Or a favorite chair by the window.



To escape the happenings outside our unique state.

The colorful world comes alive in our minds.

 So visit your library today to see what you can find.


Ginni Nichols, YA Librarian

Thanks, Library!

T is for Tuesdays~ we’re open late!

H is for Hazzard Reading Room, a peaceful state.
A is for Archives~ you can research tons.
N is for New bestsellers~ all the latest ones.
K is for Kindle and e-book downloads galore!
S is for Story hour, crafty crafts, and more.
G is for Genealogy~ who’s in your tree?
I is for Internet access~ yippee!
V is for Visits from authors, book signings, and shared wit.
I is for Information~ yes, we are quite full of it!
N is for Newspapers (we have magazines too).
G is for Group book discussions~ who knew?

Lilacs on a dreary day


 Thursday May 23rd, 2013
@ GPL, garden, lilacs are intoxicating blooming in vivid white despite lack of sun light on this overcast afternoon
Walking upon lilac bushes is like candy, sweetness fills the nostrils interpreting the bliss allowing the moment to even exist
Thriving as a divide b/w institutions
Beauty within library barely speaks to the depth & importance
Valuable place collects information – does not interpret – leaves that to you the individual
Library can be quite empowering if you let it
Study hard always learning
Should your head start to hurt / step outside / breathe in nature let the energy find and restore to you what you have given
 Sarah Cookson, Patron of the Gardiner Public Library