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Things are Shaping up in the Archives…

Slowly, but steadily, progress has been made on the renovations of the Community Archives Room!

We are still a few weeks away from moving out of the reading room and back downstairs, but here are a few hints at what the big picture will look like — and soon!

From top to bottom…

New Sprinkler Heads
Fresh Ceiling Tiles & Efficient, Non-Damaging LED Lights
Dimmer Controls for the LEDs



An HVAC System to Control Temperature, Humidity, and Dust
Our Beautiful 1881 Gardiner Bricks – Cleaned and Ready for Another Century!
Freshly Painted (and Water-Resistant) Walls – with Clean Radiator Fins
Water- and Damp-Resistant Floor Tiles
Put it all together and we’ll have the state-of-the-art home our local history treasures deserve!
Stay tuned.  It won’t be long before you will be able to see the whole picture….
Indeed, there is LED light at the end of the tunnel!