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Popular YA Reads

The Boys Who Challenged Hitler by Phillip Hoose

If you have a middle schooler at home, chances are it’s difficult to get them to read. Finding a book that is written at their level and also of interest to them is not an easy task. Following are a few selections recommended by some area middle schoolers:

The Boys Who Challenged Hitler by Phillip Hoose tells thetrue story of a group of boys who were resistance fighters after the Nazi invasion in Denmark.
The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor is about a 17 year old art student at a boarding school in Prague. Her sketchbook is full of hideous monsters. This is Book 1 of a Trilogy.
The Girl I Used To Be by Christy Ottaviano tells us about Olivia, whose parents were killed fourteen years ago. Olivia finds herself involved when her parents’ case is reopened.
This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp tells of a tragedy at a school in Alabama. The tale is told from the separate perspectives of four teenagers who are personally involved.
 Sarah Duffy, Library Assistant

Teen Time at the Library

We had a wonderful group of students visit Thursday, Sept. 18th.  This was the first day of our new after school program geared toward the middle and high school students of MSAD # 11. The bus will drop them off every Thursday, we’ll feed them a snack, give them time for homework and socializing. Sometimes there will be a small program like an author visit or an inside scavenger hunt.


Students read books, used computers and gotused to what we have to offer. Everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed themselves.



We are looking forward to having the students every Thursday after school.


New YA Books!

I decided to touch upon some new Young Adult books that I am very excited about that have just come out or are due to be released.

The Impossible Knife of Memory is Laurie HalseAnderson’s new book. Well known for writing “Speak”, Kirkus Reviews writes, “Hayley Kincain and her father, Andy, are bright, sarcastic loners plagued by agonizing memories that won’t quite stay repressed, despite their best efforts. Hayley meets, bantering boyfriend, Finn, who points some things out to Hayley in her life. Anderson is sensitive to many problems – physical recovery, grief, panic attacks and other tendencies that veterans can face when trying to recover.  A characteristically honest and deeply felt exploration of the lingering scars of war.”
David Almond’s current book is The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean telt by hisself. “Billy Dean is a secret child that was born on the day bombers came to Blinkbonny. He becomes the Angel Child, one who can heal the living, contact the dead, and bring comfort to a troubled world. But there is one figure who is beyond healing, who comes looking for Billy himself,” the book jacket writes. This is a book written in phonetic spelling. I am very anxious to start reading this one. The reviewers love it.
And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard. “Emily Beam is a new student at Amherst School for Girls. She starts   in January of her junior year, having left her old school to overcome a tragedy. Emily feels an affinity for her namesake, Emily Dickinson, who lived close to her new school and draws on Dickinson’s spirit.” School Library Journal’s review writes, “There is certainly something for anyone looking for a good read with a strong, believable female lead who is working her hardest to get over a catastrophe.”
 Why We Took the Car by Tim Mohr is a debut novel. “Two Russian classmates Mike and Tschick take a summer adventure in a stolen car and drive all over Germany. The boys face conundrums like avoiding the police, buying gas and food when clearly underage, and vaguely seeking Tschick’s grandfather. Beginning at the end, with Mike narrating the explanation suggested by the title, this alternately wild, sad, hilarious, and tender tale chronicles the development of a strange and beautiful friendship,” writes  Publishers Weekly. Sounds like a great one to me.
The Gospel of Winter by Brendan Kiely. ”Kiely’s gutsy debut addresses abuse in the Catholic Church in the year 2001 only two months after 9/11. 16 year old Aidan’s family is falling apart. The scandal among the Boston archdiocese gets the town’s attention. This is challenging, thought-provoking material, presented in beautiful prose that explores the ways in which acts rendered in the name of love can both destroy and heal,” says the Booklist review.
Looking forward to hearing from you all and your favor reads.

Book Sites for Teens

I thought I would do a blog on different websites teens could visit to keep up to date with all the new books coming out. I am always wondering where the teens find out about books that have just been published – by looking around a book store? or searching the web? Here are some websites I have found helpful. has a website and facebook page which is a very good place to start. Their facebook page was very helpful for the Young Adult on new books.
 Another website is This website has a fabulous layout for teens. Very colorful, suggestions for more reads and it just presents itself as a fun site. is a great website for anyone looking for books to read. There are wonderful reviews and you can rate the books that you have read and make a list of books that you would like to read.

 One website I just learned about, so I have not used it at all is It has a nice set up and a star system to rate the new books. This website looks very useful for even a librarian to use. This one also has a facebook page called YABooksCentral. this a very simple site which tells when the books are being released, and what stores you can find them. the American Library Association website for Young Adult. This website may seem overwhelming to a teen but has some great suggestions.
I would love to hear from you on any websites or facebook pages that you use to find out the new releases, other than book store websites. Enjoy your next read.
Ginni Nichols, Young Adult Librarian.



Saturday, June 22, 2013 Gardiner Public Library is holding its annual Summer Book Sale from 9:00 – 4:00.  Our sale is part of the Greater Gardiner River Festival. 
We have many, Many, MANY great books for you reading pleasure!  We don’t have everything set up yet, but . . .
Fiction – Lots and lots of great novels, and even some not so great ones, but all fun to read!
Non-Fiction – I have seen some books on animals – both wild and domestic ; cookbooks ; self-help items ; art/drawing books ; craft books and much more!
Children’s and Young Adult items of all sorts!
I have noticed some DVDs and VHS tapes as they have been moved into the Hazzard Reading Room.
Personally, I have not seen any music or “talking books”, but that truly means very little, as I have not handled much of what is available.
As always, the prices are great!!!  Most adult books are $1.00 and children’s are $.50.
Monday the 24th will be “Buck-A-Bag” day (10:30 – 5:00)!  Believe it or not – $1.00 for a bag of books!  Generally a bag will hold 20 items, so come on in!!
Please, come on in and visit as you wander downtown Gardiner enjoying the Greater Gardiner River Festival!

Battle of the books!!

Did you know that such a war could be waged?  Well, the siege is over and the clear winners of the battle are the students of Pittston Consolidated School. 
Over the last two weeks, I had the pleasure to judge the third annual Battle of the Books that pitted teams from the 4th and 5th grade classes at the school.  Each team spent hours reading, dissecting, researching and pondering, 5 young adult titles.  On the day of the competition, they were battle ready with styling hats and colorful tees.
The judges tried to be as prepared by reading the books and learning to arbitrate through any controversy.  We read stories about the sinking of the Titanic, a biography of a real hero of the West, a poignant story of a very loyal dog, a fantastical yarn about an excellent pie maker and a colossal story of intrigue.  Through 2 days of competition, the battles were tight and no clear winner emerged.  As the final teams squared off, the room tensely braced for the action.  Points flew back and forth and when the dust settled, The Book Burglars emerged victoriously!
At a time when our community scrambles to support the schools that educate our children and wonder about state “grades”, I am so proud to have been a part of this wonderful program that keeps kids reading and allows them the ability to soar with their imagination…way to go staff, students and teachers of Pittston Consolidated School!
Anne Davis, Director of Library and Information Services

Check this out! – Young Adults for 2013

Librarians read review magazines that come out once or twice a month to know what to buy for our patrons. These magazines give books starred reviews that are the best for the month in their viewpoint. Here are some of the best ones for 2013 that you might want to check out soon at your local library.

Click on the title to check request these items!

The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepard *
“The fast-paced book is rife with excitement, romance, and intrigue.” School Library Journal (starred review)
The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan*
“Debut novelist LaBan takes us into the private school culture as well as the heads of two charming yet very different teenage boys and their parallel love stories… Nonexistent parents, well-intentioned, likeable faculty on the periphery, elaborate dorm rooms with overstuffed closets, even the romantic, snow-covered campus all contribute to a setting that adds to the story’s heft and intrigue.”—Booklist (starred review)

Out of the easy by Ruta Sepetys**


With a rich and realistic setting, a compelling and entertaining first-person narration, a colorful cast of memorable characters and an intriguing storyline, this is a surefire winner. Immensely satisfying.–Kirkus Reviews, starred review
Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger ****
 “Carriger’s YA debut brings her mix of Victorian paranormal steampunk and winning heroines to a whole new audience…with cleverly Victorian methods of espionage, witty banter, lighthearted silliness, and a ship full of intriguingly quirky people.”—Booklist (starred review)
Pivot Point by Kasie West *
“West’s premise is a winner, and Addie is the kind of heroine readers would want as a best friend—loyal, unpretentious, and thoughtful. What truly makes West’s story memorable, however, is Addie’s wry humor…and the book’s fascinating exploration of how life can change with one simple choice.” Publishers Weekly (starred review) 
Peanut by Ayun Halliday **
“Librarians, teachers, and parents should definitely share this book with teens looking for realistic graphic novels about schools, friendship, peer pressure, or moral choices.”—School Library Journal (starred review)
Ginni Nichols ~ Young Adult Librarian
All cover images borrowed from Google Images

Henna Happy Hour

A fun time was had by all who came to the Young Adult Room in the Gardiner Public Library on Tuesday, August 14th for a Henna Happy Hour. We did nails and Henna tattoos for a small group of young ladies for the first time here.  It was a fabulous time with plenty of great memories made in the library.  We had a wonderful crew of staff including Alyssa, Helen, Annie and Meryl helping me (Ginni Nichols, Young Adult Librarian) put on the event with food.  Pictures were taken and there was plenty of laughter. This event was such a success that we will be looking to schedule another Henna Happy Hour with more things to do for the evening. Keep an eye out for an upcoming hour with the Gardiner Public Library.
Another event that has become an annual one here at the Gardiner Library is the International Games Day @ your library coming up on Saturday, November 3rd. This is a time set aside to come and play different games at your local library. National companies sponsor this day by donating new games for the day to the libraries that participate. We can’t wait for this year’s event – game on!
Ginni Nichols (Young Adult Librarian)