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The library moved their YA books from the stage of the children’s room to its current location on the main floor near the adult books several years ago.  Librarians have differing opinions for what constitutes a YA title.  Is it sexual content, language, drug use, or otherwise more mature topics.  Should YA be suggested for high school students or middle schoolers? Ultimately, of course, the reader must decide for themselves what they are comfortable being exposed to.  

Sometimes it is difficult for library staff to know where to shelve these books.  Do books about the horror of the Holocaust & slavery belong in the children’s room or in the YA section?  How about books about bulimia, anorexia, suicide, self mutilation, cyber bullying, alcoholism, drug abuse or war?  Where do these books belong?  Again, so much depends on the maturity & life experiences of the reader.
Too much labeling, YA or otherwise is counterproductive to getting the “right” books into a reader’s hands.  Few ten year olds are interested in a title specifying it’s for 5-7 year olds.  Similarly, some 12 year olds, which many library and bookstores consider to be YA, are not ready for more mature content.
There is always cross over between YA and children’s books, however our YA section is slanted toward high school aged students.
The Gardiner Public Library encourages children to use all areas of the library and does not limit any decisions.  This is clearly a child/parent choice.
Wherever a book is shelved, be confident that it has received a professional review from one of our sources & has been deemed worthy of being added to the collection.