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What’s Checked Out On Your Library Card?

     It’s been a while since I really looked to see what is currently on my library card.

      Hmmm . . . ten items currently checked out, and two of them are overdue – YIKES!!!   I’d better fix that.  Yes, I can do that here in the library, but did you know you could renew items from home?


      Take a few minutes, and check the status of your items.  Go to the website.  Click on the icon that says Patron Record, from there you will be directed to enter your name (first, last or both) and your library card number.  Yes, all 14 digits – they will show up as stars.

      Now you will be on a screen that shows your account information – name, address, expiration date.  There is also a link to what I have checked out.  Clicking on this link shows me what is checked out.  If an item has been renewed, there is an indication as well.  I see that one of the overdue items has been renewed, so I had better put my hands on it and return it to the library – SOON!  By clicking in the small box (Radio Button) in front of the title of the other overdue book, and scrolling down the screen, I am given a choice of renewing everything, or just what has been marked.  Great!  I have renewed that book.


      As to what I’m reading – the list is quite eclectic – a mystery on CD, a romance, a book on animal communication, a book on hypnosis, a craft book, the first book in a “new to me” series about spirit animals (recommended by a young patron of the library), and of course the requisite diet/self-help books.


      By clicking on Return To Your Record I am able to see what I currently have in my request queue.  A book my sister recommended, 2 titles that have not been published yet, a title from one of the many series I seem to read, and a couple of titles that I have no recollection of requesting – here’s to a new adventure in reading!!!


      Take a few minutes, and see what’s on your library card!