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THAT book!

They come in all shapes and sizes; from across broad socio-economic lines and from both old and young; male or female…but we can always tell!  They approach the main desk in a furtive and nervous way….and we know what they are going to ask.  In a quiet whisper (and for anyone using the Gardiner Public Library, you know we aren’t “that kind” of library) they wonder, “do you have THAT book??” 
It is here that I must admit we do toy with our customers sometimes; it is always with kindness though…”what book would that be?”  The excuses are numerous, and very inventive.  Some folks saw a “review” of it on 60 Minutes others learned about it from a friend in the book discussion club and still others heard about it from their family, but they all want to know “do WE have it??”
So, yes, of course we have THAT book and the other titles in the trilogy.  E.L. James has written a provocative trilogy that includes the following titles: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and, Fifty Shades Freed.  The story is ultimately a love story told in the erotica genre.  It sits on many mainstreamed best-seller lists and it probably has made a fortune for the author.  However, Ms. James is not the first person to tap into this genre and, with the popularity of these books, will not be the last!  Erotica has been in fashion for many centuries and, most assuredly, has stirred up controversy with each publication.
As librarians, we have been asked to recommend titles of similar genre.  Some mainstream authors have ventured into it and we can steer you to them.  So, remember, your secret is safe with us, most of what we do in the library IS confidential.  The Gardiner Public Library does have THAT BOOK, and, we have many other things to read as well.  Come and visit soon, we can hook you up!


Anne Davis, Director of Library and Information Services